The holidays are here! Now is a great time to make a gift for someone on your list. Here at reDiscover Center we have created some very cute reindeer for the season with simple tinkering skills.

The reindeer?s body and head are both made from cylinder-shaped pieces of wood that were cut down to size with a hand saw. Using a power drill, we created four large holes in the body for its legs to fit in, and two more large holes for the neck piece to fit in to the head and the body. The legs and neck are all made from ? inch wooden dowels that can be hot glued into the drilled holes.

The reindeer?s ears can be made from two small scraps of wood. Attach them to either side of the head with one inch screws. The eyes are made from two plastic bottle caps screwed into the head with a power drill (the screws also act as pupils for the eyes). The nose is a red metal bottle cap that is attached to the front of the head.

Make smaller holes in the top of the head to insert the reindeer?s horns, which we made out of some small twigs. The tail was made from a piece of felt that was hot glued to the back of the body.

This is a fun tinkering project that can be done in under an hour, or can be elaborated upon (cover the wooden body in fabric to make fur, or decorate the body with any crafting supplies that you?d like). Come in and make one this season!

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