Staff & Board of Directors


Jonathan Markowitz Bijur

Executive Director Jonathan Markowitz Bijur is a founder of Tinkering School LA, an educator, maker, and administrator with over 15 ...
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Meet the Facilitators: Emma Ramey

Interim Office Manager Emma Ramey teaches in reDiscover's after school, camp, and festival programs. Great at organizing activities for a ...
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Francesca McCaffery

Director of Development Francesca McCaffery has been working in the non-profit field for over two decades: First working with the ...
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Program Facilitators

Cynthia Aguilar
Jared Bishop
Allie Carr
Hanabee Cartagena
German Diaz
Molly Dickler
Emma Diffley
Dillan Garcia

Bella Granados
Guillermo Kersh
Julianna Ostrovsky
Lauren Over
Nico Palermo
Karl Petion
Yeltsin Penado, Programs Manager

Emma Ramey, Interim Office Manager
Liz Reyes
Emeka Simmons
Joyce Tam, Programs Manager
Mary Beth Trautwein
Frank Wuts

Intern Facilitators

Rose Basile
Carmen Campos
Holly McCauley
Salem Ramon
Sabrina Zhong

Board of Directors

Board President Aaron has been actively involved with reDiscover since 2009, joined the board in 2015, and became Board President
Samir Sanghani grew up in Texas but has happily resided in Los Angeles since 2008, where he spends his time
Mari Brusseau
Board Secretary Mari is a Seattle native who began working at a young age in her family’s thriving cafe, bakery,
Board Member
Lynne B. Clark
Board Member Lynne B. Clark has been working in the Los Angeles non-profit sector for nearly three decades. Following her
Jeannine Chanin Penn is an artist and marketing professional whose career is centered in the space between design and art.
Dr. Kristen Paglia has been involved with reDiscover since her teenagers were kindergartners. She joined the board in 2020. The
Pantea Shakib
Pantea is a passionate mom to three boys. The founder of Ask Panta, a strategic consultancy, she draws on 20
Treasurer Donna Tiocao has been a board member since 2020. A partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, she is passionate about education, charitable
Max Nishimura joined reDiscover's board in 2020. Max is a Southern California native, born and raised in Orange County, California.
Director Emerita and Board Member Co-founder and former Executive Director of the reDiscover Center, Mary Beth Trautwein brings problem solving
Jonathan Markowitz Bijur
Executive Director and Ex-Officio Board Member Jonathan Markowitz Bijur has been a volunteer, artist, and instructor at reDiscover since 2010,