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Tinkering Kits

Purchase a set of our Tinkering Tool Kits for your students, aged 8+, to use at home or in socially distanced classrooms. With tools specially chosen for flexibility and safety, creative reuse materials from our warehouse to spark imagination, and a booklet to get you started, this compact kit is the launchpad students need for hands-on projects with recycled materials. In addition to our Online Resources (which includes videos, activities, and guides), we also provide live video training for students and teachers on safe and effective use of the contents of these kits.

  • Tinkering Tool Kit - $50 per kit
  • Tinkering Basics Kit - $30 per kit
  • Cardboard Tinkering Kit - $20 per kit
  • Connections Kit - $20 per kit
  • Wire Working Kit - $20 per kit

Bulk pricing available, Add onto your field trip or class curriculum! Contact us via our booking request form to order today.
Title I Schools: Inquire about grant-funded Tinkering Tool Kits.

Professional Development

Since 2004, reDiscover has provided professional development for schools and educators looking to incorporate environmentally aware making into their classes. During the pandemic, we are supporting teachers to innovate and engage students with multiple pathways through online training, consultation, and coaching. Including hands-on activities with your lessons increases engagement, learning, and attendance. Allow us to share some of our experience with you. Our workshops cover topics such as:

  • Safe Tool Use - How to guide students in the safe use of our Tinkering Tool Kit
  • Creative Reuse and Ecological Awareness - How to be sustainable both environmentally and financially, and how to develop resourcefulness by using easily found recycled materials from around the home and bringing awareness to the lifecycle of products and packaging.
  • Art-STEM Integration - Use highly engaging visual art techniques to deepen STEM lessons.
  • Curriculum Development - How to use hands-on projects to reinforce Standards and drive your lessons.
  • Distance Learning - How to teach students to use their hands and minds, set up their spaces, and make a more conducive place for making and learning.

Read more about our different workshops in our PD flyer.

1-2 Hour Virtual Workshops - $225+

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Direct Instruction

Once a week for 30-120 minutes, small groups of up to 6 students are guided by one of our fabulous Facilitators in student-driven projects created from household recycled materials and treasures from reDiscover's Creative Reuse Warehouse. This is no sit-and-watch class, students will spend most of their time actively creating!

Themes for these series, which range from 4 weeks to a full semester, can include houses, costumes, cities, inventions, general open projects, and custom sequences related to their current curriculum. Classes can incorporate our Tinkering Tool Kit for students 9 and up, or 5 and up with adult supervision. We can also do classes for younger students utilizing more simple tools and materials from home, such as scissors, paperboard, and tape.

Prices vary. Submit a Booking Request for more information or to schedule a class series.

Virtual Field Trips

Whether it’s a class of students tuning in from school or signing in from their homes, we provide a fun and engaging hands-on activity for your group. Your students will learn about creative reuse and its place in protecting the environment, using materials gathered at home or provided by us from our Creative Reuse Warehouse for an additional fee. Choose from popular themes like Tin Forest, Finger Puppet Theater, Loose Parts, and Parachute Pals, Lively Levers and Linkages, Tiny Tapestry Weaving, or let us customize an activity for you. Learn more about our themes in our Field Trip Flyer.

Prices vary. Submit a Booking Request for more information or to schedule your virtual field trip.