Upcycled Helmet Mask

This is the second installment of mask-making here at reDiscover Center!

Today we are looking at helmet masks: a simple way of wearing a mask that keeps whatever you have created securely attached to your head. The base material to work with is cardboard (a personal favorite). Start by cutting out the shape of the face/front of the mask: cut out an oval roughly the size of your face, then two holes for the eyes, and a hole for the mouth.

Next, decorate the front of the mask by hot-gluing all of the objects and materials that you want on it. This helmet was created by reDiscover Center?s facilitator Molly Allis. She tends to gravitate towards very colorful things, and also likes the aesthetic of found objects, so she attached things like dice, small plastic toys, yarn, beads, felt, corks, feathers, wooden clothespins, and a cardboard tube for a long nose. Long strips of silver mylar were cut to make hair, and hot glued the pieces all along the inside top edge of the mask.

Finally, two strips of cardboard to create the helmet: measure them so that when you attach them they fit snugly around your head. One strip is stapled horizontally , and the other is stapled vertically:

That?s it! Create your own helmet mask?for an animal, character, creature, object, or anything you can think of!

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