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Closed 3/17-3/31

Crafting Corner - All Ages
3-6 weekdays, 11-5 weekends
Tinkering Club - 7+ years
11-5 weekends
Tool Training - 7+ years
2-4 weekends
3-6 weekdays, 11-5 weekends


Camp Registration

One Day Camp Ages 7-12
Summer Break Ages 5-16 6/8-8/21
Camp Information for Parents

Birthday Parties

Host your next party or playdate at reDiscover Center! Choose from our set programs or work with staff and customize.

To schedule your party, please fill out a Booking Request. Please have ready one or more potential dates and times and an estimate for the number and age of the participants.

Program Areas

Click on one of the areas below for detailed information about our specific programs.

What We Do

We have a huge pile of junk and we know what to do with it. Tinkerers in our programs make everything from wood scrap sculptures to life size super heroes, working go carts, and 25 foot roller coasters. Since 2003, reDiscover Center has worked with local businesses to divert scrap, overstock, and other materials from the trash stream and use them in art, environmental education, and tinkering programs.

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Jonathan Markowitz Bijur, Executive Director
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Amy Bauer, Director of Operations
Barb Noren, Director of Programs