DEIA Committee

DEIA is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism

The DEIA Committee (Comité DEIA) ensures that reDiscover is taking an active role in dismantling systemic racism by continuously building an inclusive organization and opening opportunities for youth from all walks of life to pursue their interests as tinkerers and innovators.

The DEIA Committee was formed in October 2020 to combat systemic racism and contribute to social and educational equity, following the work of the staff-initiated Inclusion Action Committee. The DEIA Committee consists of equal numbers of board and staff members. Committee members work as a whole, in sub-committees, and in partnership with other members of reDiscover's staff, board, and community to evaluate reDiscover's current practices and take actions to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism within our community.

2020-2021 DEIA Committee Membership

Hanabee Cartagena, Facilitator
Bella Granados, Facilitator
Amara Leipzig, Facilitator
Max Nishimura, Board Member
Julianna Ostrovsky, Facilitator
Dr. Kristen Paglia, Board Member
Donna Tiocao, Board Member
Jonathan Bijur, Executive Director, ex-officio
Dr. Stephen McCray, Advisor

Cultural Equity and Inclusion Statement

reDiscover was founded in 2003 to provide arts education through recycled materials to schools in Venice and Santa Monica. Upon establishing expertise in collecting and distributing materials, reDiscover expanded its mission to engage children across Los Angeles County. A new mission statement was adopted in 2018 based on the belief that all children can be creative and deserve opportunities to express themselves.

reDiscover commits to being allies with underrepresented and marginalized groups and seeks to create pathways that lead towards affordable and accessible programming for all children regardless of income, sex, ethnic background, national origin, or any other barriers they may face.

Adopted by DEIA Committee, December 2020