Group Workshops

Host your next Scout Meeting, parent group get together, or team building exercise at reDiscover Center! Choose from one of our set programs or work with reDiscover staff to customize a workshop to suit your needs and budget.

To schedule your workshop, please fill out a Booking Request, contact, or call 310-393-3636. Please have ready one or more potential dates and times and an estimate for the number and age of the participants.

Note: reDiscover Center private workshops do not include food service but you can bring waters and light snacks like fruit or granola bars. For a more filling food option, many groups go to Pitfire Pizza, right next to reDiscover. Onsite food service can be arranged as an add-on to any workshop starting at $100.

Check out some of our offerings below.

The Tin Forest

In this program, children ages 5-8 explore the concepts of resource conservation and the power of imagination culminating in the creation of an assemblage project. An age-appropriate lesson inspired by 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward introduces an conservation-linked art activity using recycled and upcycled materials.

Students will participate in a discussion on reduce-reuse-recycle-rediscover, hear a reading of The Tin Forest, explore imaginative uses for everyday and unfamiliar upcycled materials, and create a sculpture to take home. Throughout, reDiscover facilitators teach about art concepts such as form, symmetry, pattern, balance, and biomimicry, connecting students' creative expression to other works of art and natural examples.

The core of this workshop is the exploration and artistic use of rediscovered materials. reDiscover Center curates a warehouse of upcycled materials for STEAM education. Sourced from local domestic and commercial providers, these range from familiar corks and cardboard tubes to industrial materials like plastic struts, surplus tile, and curvilinear wood offcuts. reDiscover provide one facilitator and require a minimum of two volunteer adult assistants.

Woodworking Tool Safety

This 90-120 minute workshop introduces participants to the safe operation of various saws and drills to cut and fasten wood. The workshop provides a Tool Safety Orientation using lecture, small group instruction, and lots of hands-on practice to ensure all participants can correctly use safety equipment and safely operate portable power tools in a shared workshop setting. No prior experience with woodworking tools is expected. This is popular among children and adults! For ages 7+. Completing a tool safety assessment at the end of this workshop gives participants workshop access through Tinkering Club.

Tinkering Workshop

A Tinkering Workshop guide participants through a design challenge, themed build, or open studio sculpture play using tools, lumber, and upcycled materials. This workshop provides limited tool training and workshop access up to a maximum of 15 participants.

The party starts with a short tools training on safely using clamps, drills and hand saws, then introduces a theme or design challenge for the kids to build individually or in small groups. The program ends with a presentation of the various creations for you to take home, send home with the participants individually, or leave at reDiscover to break down and reuse. For all Tinkering programs, reDiscover Center provides a 1:5 facilitator to participant ratio to ensure safety, which can include a mix of reDiscover staff and volunteers. Note: the tool training in a Tinkering Workshop does not make a participant eligible for Tinkering Club.

Scout Workshops

reDiscover offers workshops for Scouts at every level to help you meet your badge requirements. reDiscover materials, equipment and facilitation expertise are appropriate for badges in: art, electronics, engineering, environmental science, game design, inventing, model design and building, textile, woodworking.

We'll tailor our workshop to meet your needs at a time that is convenient for you. Come to reDiscover Center and use our extensive array of tools and materials, or bring us to your site for a specific activity.

Just looking for a space to meet and materials to use? Our pricing begins at $25 space rental fee plus $10 materials fee per scout for a 2 hour class.

We also welcome Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Silver and Gold Award projects. For more information please contact us at 310.393.3636 or email

reDiscover offers workshops for Scouts at every level to help you meet your badge requirements. reDiscover materials, equipment and facilitation
4 to 40 participants 2 hour, half day, or full day At reDiscover Center, your office, or an offsite venue
We offer professional development and parent workshops on tinkering, art, and sustainability for educators serving preschool-8th grade. reDiscover's educator workshop