Equipment and Materials

reDiscover's equipment and materials are great for schools, community centers, libraries, and corporate groups that want the resources to create unique and memorable experiences for their communities. Get customized furniture to build out your maker program, rent tools, and buy sustainably sourced creative reuse materials as activity kits or a la carte.

Furniture and Equipment

Tinkering Lab Installation

Complete permanent makespace installation, including mounting hardware, workbenches, tools, and a starter kit of materials. Purchase a standard installation, or set-up a student design and installation workshop and launch your new makerspace with a collaborative project that yields high buy-in and enthusiasm. Tinkering Labs include woodworking tools like 12V drills, hand saws, clamps, and hand tools sufficient for a class of 30 students, creative reuse materials such as wood scraps, cardboard panels, bottle caps, wire, and leather, and suggested curriculum for K-6 to get making and engage art-led STEAM education.

Tinker Carts

Not ready to dedicate a room to become your school's makerspace? Mobile Tinker Carts suitable for shared use across classrooms bring tools and key materials to get maker projects up and running. Custom cabinetry includes space for dozens of tools, everything you need to get a class doing woodworking and tinkering right away. A solid tabletop with hideaway sections is great for crafting with hot glue and scissors or woodworking with up to four simultaneous projects clamped securely. Fully loaded, a Tinker Cart comes with with all the tools you need for classroom-based maker education, a starter kit of creative reuse materials, and four additional bins of materials for extended making.


Tool and Equipment Rentals

Classroom Set of Woodworking Tools

For a day, a week, or a semester, reDiscover can rent you a classroom set of woodworking tools, including workbenches, drills, clamps, and saws. Packages can include scrap and dimensional lumber, hardware, and all the materials needed for a semester of Tinkering. We supply real tools selected to accommodate child-sized hands. Are you currently thinking about expanding into prototyping with wood? We have the tools and expertise that your school may not be ready to invest in permanently, giving you a great way to try out tool use in the classroom or school makerspace. Please call 310-393-3636 to discuss your level of existing expertise teaching safe tool use or to set up a package that includes tool rental and professional development.

Single Activity Tool Kits

Cardboard Playground Construction Kit - All the tools you need to stock a cardboard playground, just add cardboard, the bigger the better! Includes cardboard saws, punches, scissors, heavy duty tape dispensers, and markers. Includes activity guide and volunteer orientation sheet.

Clamp Bridges Activity Kit - Clamps and wood scraps sufficient for a group of up to 24 participants to make clamp bridges. Includes activity guide.

Vertical Wind Tunnel - 5' wind tube perfect for children to delight in wind and motion. Add-on: bin of curated materials for experimenting with creating flying objects, such as tulle, mylar, berry baskets, popsicle sticks, etc. for up to 30 participants.

Materials Sales

At our Creative Reuse Materials Warehouse we have an array of donated and new materials that have been curated for maximum possibility. Come and browse the unique and familiar objects, available for deeply discounted sales to schools and artists. Preselected kits for specific projects also available for pickup or delivery*. *S&H fees may apply.