Fantastical Car

Have you ever dreamed of a car that is also a house? A car that can fly? A car that is also a boat? Well look no further! At reDiscover Center this can become a reality.

The basic principle of making a toy car is simple. As long as you have two axles underneath the body of the car, and a minimum of three wheels to spin on the axles, the car can roll!

We wanted my car to also be a three-story house, so we found a piece of wood in our warehouse that reminded us of that shape. Two chopsticks were used to be the axles. They were cut down to fit the width of the car?s body using a small hand saw.

Next the axles were hot glued to the bottom of the car. Then, using a chop saw, four wheels were cut out of a cylinder-shaped pieces of wood. Holes were drilled in the center of each wheel that was slightly larger than the end of the chopstick, to make sure the wheel could spin easily around the axle. To prevent the wheels from falling off the end of the axle, a small dab of hot glue on the end of each chopstick to keep the wheel in place. You can also hot glue a bead or a button to the end of the your axle to keep the wheel from sliding off.

Those are the basics! Beyond that your imagination can take you anywhere you want to go: maybe you want to create some mini characters to drive your car? Or give your car some cool wings? Or turn your car into a rocket ship with some flames coming out of the back? The options are endless. Come in to reDiscover Center and make your very own fantastical car!

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