Summer Tinkering Camp is back! The popular day camp at reDiscover Center in West LA is looking for fun, creative, energetic people to help run our summer season. Tinkering Camp gives children the opportunity to explore their creativity using a variety of tools and upcycled materials as they progress through an exciting week of challenges, prompts, and cooperative builds. During the 2021 season, the camp will be running in a modified, socially-distanced format that includes individual workstations and tools. reDiscover is dedicated to caring for the safety of both staff and students by following LA County Guidelines and modifying activities as needed.

Compensation: ​​$20-25/hr

Lead Facilitator Job Description

As a Lead Facilitator, you will be in charge of leading a group of up to 12 children, aged 7-12, in the use of a variety of hand and power tools according to our safety protocols. You will guide the camp group through a week-long series of activities and prompts that you design in conjunction with the Director of Programs. Additionally, you will coordinate 1-2 Assistant Facilitators to help you run the program each week. Following COVID-19 safety guidelines is required of all staff working in person. Upon hiring, you will be required to complete a Live Scan and Mandated Reporter Training.

The ideal candidate will be:

Good with kids. You can hold the attention of an audience of 8-year-olds, patiently teach one-on-one, bounce quickly between different children and projects, crack a joke, take a joke, ensure safety by tracking each child’s capacity, patience, and mood. Spanish is a plus.

Good with tools. You know your way around a wood shop, can screw together two pieces of wood, know how to get a saw to do what you want, troubleshoot a rickety joint, sketch a rough diagram.

Responsible. You show up on time or early, set up efficiently, get paperwork done without fuss, take notes, acknowledge and learn from mistakes, deploy staff to best effect and develop their skills, care for the organization as a whole.

Creative. You have or can develop a set of cool projects to build that appeal to tinkering-oriented children, can facilitate both interpersonal and design problems on the fly, are ready to implement reDiscover's failure-positive, child-led educational philosophy.

Available. Tinkering Camp runs an eleven-week summer season, June-August, plus monthly planning and training sessions through the spring, and a week of set up ahead of the start of camp. Shorter summer seasons are available to accommodate our Facilitators’ schedules.

Interested applicants will email hr@rediscovercenter.org with a cover letter, resume, and evidence of relevant awesomeness such as curricula, a video of teaching, or artist’s/maker’s portfolio.