reDiscover is expanding and looking to hire a new Lead Facilitator. Now in its 15th year, reDiscover runs popular after school programs at the reDiscover Center in Venice and at schools around LA County. Children explore hands-on, open-ended problems as catalysts for patient problem solving, adventure, and self-directed learning. Building in wood, cardboard, and upcycled materials with hand and power tools, 5-16 year olds think, make, and tinker in a unique atmosphere of trust and responsibility.

Lead Facilitator Job Description

As Lead Facilitator, during the school year you will be in charge of one or more classes, responsible for overseeing weekly sessions for 10-20 children with ongoing support and training from reDiscover. You will prepare materials, maintain and improve the classes, create activity plans, and teach weekly at a designated site. As a Lead Facilitator, you will be eligible to lead sessions of reDiscover’s summer camps, part time or full time.

The successful candidate will be:

Good with kids. You can hold an audience of 8 year olds, patiently teach one-on-one, have eyes in the back of your head, can learn a classroom full of names overnight, keep the necessary distance to command respect, crack a joke, take a joke, ensure safety by tracking each child’s capacity, patience, and mood.

Good with tools. You know your way around a wood shop, know which side of a mark to cut, can screw together two pieces of wood, troubleshoot a rickety joint, sketch a rough diagram.

Responsible. You show up on time or early, set up efficiently, get the paperwork done without fuss, take notes, acknowledge and learn from mistakes, develop your skills, care for the organization as a whole.

Creative. You have or can develop a personal tool kit of cool projects to build that appeal to tinkering-oriented children, solve interpersonal, mechanical, and design problems on the fly, are ready to implement to reDiscover Center’s failure-positive, child-led educational philosophy.

Available. reDiscover Center holds regular classes during the school year with a typical shift being 4 hours, 1:30-5:30. New Lead Facilitators receive on site training and an apprenticeship period in our programs at schools and at reDiscover Center. Lead Facilitators also facilitate camps, classes, workshops, birthday parties, and assist in educator professional development programs. Benefits include sick days and a retirement plan with employer match.

Interested applicants will email hr@rediscovercenter.org with a resume and evidence of relevant awesomeness such as a lesson plan, a video of teaching, or artist’s/maker’s portfolio.