Virtual Tinkering

Ages: 6+

Weekday Classes run for 4 to 12 weeks per session. Our virtual sessions bring the experience of reDiscover Center to your living room. Using a set of tools and materials curated for flexibility, tinkerers will develop skills to design, prototype, and build their own creations at home. Students will develop a solid foundation in cardboard construction techniques, and flex their resourcefulness through creative reuse. Specific activities will vary based on student interest, aptitude, and prior experience, and will include a combination of one-day activities and multi-week construction arcs.

This series focuses on easily-accessible materials and less-intensive tools than our usual tinkering programs, making it a great choice for students who want to practice their skills at home and bring making into their lives in a more comprehensive way. The toolkit includes a cardboard cutter, hot glue gun, and other basics, and may be purchased from reDiscover.

Homeschool Monday Morning from 10am-12pm
Check back soon for more classes!

 Afternoons from 3:30-5:30pm
Mondays and Thursdays - June 8 - July 2

Inquiries regarding private and group or School class:

Home school charter funds accepted for all programs.

building with straws
model house
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