reDiscover's Tinkering Toolkit

Flexible Tools and Materials for Practical Making at Home!

Whether there’s a school project that you need to make, a backpack that needs repairing, or some fabulous things kicking around your brain that you want to show to others in real life, our Tinkering Toolkit is the perfect platform for creating from home. They’re packed with useful tools and kid-sized safety equipment to support high-level making, prototyping, and functional resourcefulness using cardboard and other recyclables. Collect reused materials from your home, and you’re all set to create an amazing variety of sustainable projects, drawing from art, engineering, math, and design.

Buy One/Give One! Each purchase of a Tinkering Toolkit funds the distribution of a Tinkering Toolkit to a low income youth participating in reDiscover Center programs or at our network of LA-area schools.

Are you part of a Title I school in Los Angeles County? Grant funded classroom sets of Tinkering Toolkits are available for qualifying schools. Contact for more information.

What’s in the Tinkering Toolkit

Tinkering Toolkit has all of our favorite tools and a starter pack of materials that can be used in a ton of different ways. This kit includes tool safety sheets and activity guides to get your started. 

We’ve included our very favorites for:

  • Safety equipment: kid-sized gloves and safety glasses
  • Cardboard tools: Canary cutter, screwdriver for punching holes
  • Connections: Hot glue gun and extra hot glue sticks, school glue, glue stick, masking tape, brass fasteners
  • Wireworking/heavy duty wrangling: Pliers, diagonal wire cutters, sandpaper
  • Materials from our Creative Reuse Warehouse, such as bamboo skewers, wire, pencils, fabric scraps, buttons, and more
  • Safety instructions for all of the included tools

Tinkering Toolkit – $49.95


Purchase a set of our Tinkering Toolkits for your students, aged 8+, to use at home or in socially distanced classrooms. With tools specially chosen for flexibility and safety, creative reuse materials from our warehouse to spark imagination, and a booklet to get you started, this compact kit is the launchpad students need for hands-on projects at home with recycled materials. In addition to our Online Resources (which includes video, activities, and guides), we also provide live or online training for students and teachers on safe and effective use of the contents of these kits. Minimum order: 20 Tinkering Toolkits.

  • Tinkering Toolkit – $50 per kit
  • Tinkering Basics Kit – $30 per kit
  • Cardboard Tinkering Kit – $20 per kit
  • Connections Kit – $20 per kit
  • Wire Working Kit – $20 per kit

Bulk pricing available, Add onto your field trip or class curriculum! Contact us via our booking request form to order today.
Title I Schools: Inquire about grant-funded Tinkering Toolkits.