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Saturday and Sunday, by reservation only. Reserve using the button above, call us at 310-393-3636, or email us at

Appointments are available every 15 minutes between 10:00 AM and 4:30 PM.

Get tools and materials for imaginative making! reDiscover has carefully selected the best making and crafting tools. Fill a bag with creatively reused materials for just $1 per pound! We're always getting interesting materials in the Creative Reuse Warehouse, from our regularly stocked corks, wooden bits, beads, and plastic doodads to industrial offcuts and scraps that are just waiting for your imagination. Browse our 2,000 sf Creative Reuse Materials Warehouse and stock up for your next art, crafting, or tinkering project.
Looking for big impressive materials for your maker project? Come stock up on appliance boxes, 50-pack cardboard strips, carpet tubes, bamboo, and fabric, everything priced to move.
No home maker-space is complete without tools, and we've got your family covered.
reDiscover's tools for sale include:
  • Tinkering Toolkit - Everything you need to set up a home maker-space, just add cardboard!
  • Canary Cutter - The #1 versatile cardboard cutting tool for kids and adults
  • Hot Glue Gun - Just right for kid-sized hands
  • Makedo Scrus and Driver - Cardboard construction made easy, these fasteners are great for cardboard projects small, large, and enormous

Creatively reuse our collection of upcycled materials to make fantastical art projects to take home.

reDiscover Center's Family Crafting supplies, bins of recycled materials, industrial offcuts, and bits and bobs are ready to inspire creative crafting. We give you tools like scissors, hole punches, tape, and hot glue guns to make your creations, plus a whole library of odd and interesting crafting tools to pull out. While crafting, the adult you came with can help you out (especially with the hot glue gun!). reDiscover Facilitators are always ready to help you find just the right creative reuse material to add to your creation.

Want to get started with crafting with recycled materials at home? Check out our Youtube Channel and Pedagogy Resources Page.

reDiscover accepts materials donations from households and businesses! Together we can divert material from the waste stream and "rediscover" it as art. Please email a picture of your materials for donations to and we set up an appointment for drop-off. More info in our Materials Donation Policy.


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