Meet the Interns: Allie Carr

Allie Carr is a senior art history major at Loyola Marymount University. She is the newest intern at reDiscover Center starting January 2020. Allie grew up in San Diego with a passion for the arts. She attended art classes and camps in the summer, and soon fell in love with art education. Allie is passionate about environmental activism and was excited to see the growth of the art of creative reuse, such as at the reDiscover Center. She works in all mediums, especially recycled materials. Allie loves to see how an everyday object can turn into something from your wildest imaginations, while also helping the planet. She has developed a passion for art education and community outreach, and seeks to learn more about these fields during her internship at reDiscover Center.

After graduation, Allie hopes to use her experience working with youth to create outreach programs for schools who no longer have an arts program and can learn from creative reuse artwork.

Email to find out how you can become an intern too.

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