Meet the Facilitators: Hanabee Cartagena

Hanabee Cartagena is an experienced maker. Graduating from the Communication Arts program with a minor in Community Arts Engagement at Otis College, she has been facilitating programs at reDiscover Center since 2018 from Intern to Lead Facilitator. Apart from creating tactile works, she values process as much as the product, recording her maker skills to share them with young tinkerers. At reDiscover Center, she’s responsible for the Tiny Techniques Youtube series, social media engagement, maker guides, and coordinating volunteers, making a lot of up-cycled work recycled for digital content! As a creative outside of reDiscover Center, Hanabee makes work dedicated to sharing empathy and processing human emotion.

Her favorite part of working at reDiscover Center is the experimental nature of being an educator and the ability to get creative with the way we teach on top of what we teach. Hanabee is passionate about sustainability and the DEIA committee at reDiscover Center.

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