Make A Mask

Make A Mask!

Create a spooky mask! Masks can be made with recycled materials like cardboard, egg cartons and bottle caps. And they look great!

The mask pictured was inspired by the Sand Worm monster in the movie Beetlejuice. It?s ?skin? is made out of egg cartons. Its eyes are made out of jar lids, with beads for the pupils. The teeth and inner part of the mask are made out of cardboard. The egg cartons are attached to a cardboard box underneath so it is more comfortable for a person to wear. The mouth is lined with a scrap of blue fabric. The whole thing is hot glued together and painted black and white. And voila! You?ve got yourself a costume! Stop by reDiscover Center for costume crafting and find all of these recycled materials here and ready for your imagination!

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