Fun with Puppets

Fun With Puppets!

There are countless ways to make a puppet! One fun way with tinkering is using found objects to create a character. In the reDiscover Center warehouse there are several eye catching items; colorful electrical wire for hair, corks for ears, old washers for eyes, flexible metal tubing for legs, bottle caps for shirt buttons, a box for a mouth that opens and closes, and metal for arms! The puppet?s arms, legs, and wire neck were all attached with a drill and screws. Two holes in his nose to make nostrils, and in his head to put his ?hair? in (also with the help of a glue gun). The puppets hands, legs and head all move, and its mouth opens and closes. Who knew how much personality random objects can create? You can come into reDiscover Center and make your own found object puppet?great for performances, animation, or just hanging around the house to add some fun!

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