Enrichment Programs

Abundant Materials. Real Tools. Safe Environment.

reDiscover teaches tinkering, a variant of maker education focused on the iterative hands-on manipulation of real materials. You won't find 3D printers, laser cutters, or coding in our programs, but you will find fully engaged "minds-on, hands-on" students gaining intuition about 3D construction and the connections between playing and making. We use abundant materials economically sourced from discard piles, donated recyclables, and industrial offcuts to engage students' imaginations and allow for rapid prototyping. Tinkering means making something new from something familiar, then designing, making, and remaking. To facilitate tinkering, reDiscover teaches safe tool use and construction techniques, using an ambitious set of hand and power tools. We have honed our Tool Safety protocol over the past seven years, training over 2,500 children to cut and drill safely.

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1-10 Day Residency $1,000 per day, $250 setup fee We supply tools, materials, and expert maker-educators; you designate a space
Grade Ranges: Pre-K, 1st-5th, and 6th-8th $10-30 per child per class 60-90 minutes once a week (After school programs run
Ideal for Elementary School $750 for 2 hours; discount for repeat engagements reDiscover provides all materials and tools necessary for