ReDiscover Yourself: Making a 3D Selfie

Part of the magic of reDiscover Center is that you never know exactly what materials might be waiting for you to explore! Facilitator Caitlin Dobbin found an empty coffee canister, tongue depressor, bottle caps, beads, yarn, lanyard, twine, burlap, straws, film negatives, moveable sign letters, puzzle pieces, metal clips and cardboard rings and, with some glue gun glue and imagination, decided to make this self portrait, or sculpture of herself!

Since she loves coffee, the canister was the perfect object to act as her head. The wide tongue depressor acts as her nose, the beads and bottle caps are her eyes and the strands of yarn, etc are all cut super long to be her hair. Caitlin added sunglasses made from sign letters, cardboard rings, film negatives & straws to the top of her head, where she almost always has a pair resting, and made herself some earrings from east coast state puzzle pieces and metal clips. She even used another puzzle piece to give herself a crooked smile. Finally, since the canister was empty, she added a few loose screws for an unexpected sound surprise before she attached her burlap scalp of hair to her head.

What objects or materials could you use to represent yourself? How about a loved one?

Stop in anytime during open hours (weekdays 3- 6pm and weekends 11am ? 5pm) to reDiscover Yourself and create a portrait sculpture of your own!

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