maker video chat

MakerChat is reDiscover's new program to help kids learning from home. We want you to be the best maker you can be. Making happens everywhere all the time, but sometimes it's useful to have someone to chat with about your ideas, project, materials, or tools. reDiscover's 15 years experience creatively reusing household items for art and tinkering is perfect for home-based projects. Let's connect! For children ages 5-9 with an adult and 10-12 unaccompanied or with an adult.

Join the MakerChat beta testing group. Email us at to schedule a free 20 minute MakerChat with a reDiscover Facilitator. Include a few good dates and times. If you like, include the names of reDiscover Facilitators your child has tinkered with at camps or other programs and we'll do our best to make matches. We'll follow up with a reservation time and instructions for setting up a video chat or phone call.

Some topics you might discuss in a MakerChat:

  • I want to show off my project!
  • I have some questions about this thing I'm trying to make.
  • What are some ideas of maker projects I can do?
  • I need some advice on collecting materials from around my home.
  • I’m concerned about safely using tools. (for parents and tinkerers together)

We love making and tinkering with creatively reused materials and want to share that with you, to help improve your day and develop your creative skills!