Launch of Product Design Club at Beverly Vista School

reDiscover Center launched Product Design Club at Beverly Vista School in February 2019. Supported by the Beverly Vista PTA, this lunchtime enrichment program meets every Tuesday to provide students in grades 3-8 with access to woodworking tools and creative reuse materials. From the first moments of the first session, crowds of students eagerly started tinkering, getting safety orientations, learning how to use drills and saws, and starting in on projects. Each week, reDiscover facilitators provide a variety of prompts to get students brainstorming, working together, prototyping, and building all sorts of projects, some useful, some just a little bit silly. For newcomers, we provide access and training on using the tools included on the Tinker Cart. Student-generated designs have led to projects including sewing bags, making pendants, and developing custom sanding blocks. It's been a big hit among the young women of seventh grade!

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