Team Workshops

4 to 40 participants

2 hour, half day, or full day

At reDiscover Center, your office, or an offsite venue

Add-ons include catering, meeting spaces, tool and material kits, art installation at your office

For teams who want to get hands-on and explore, ideate, and create together.
Equipping teams with skills in design thinking, collaboration, and creative brainstorming!

Our Tinkering Workshops

Providing teams with real tools and real materials, our Tinkering Workshops create an exploration zone where people build sculptures and machines as big as their imaginations.

Our Tinkering Workshops use a holistic art-engineering approach that incorporates the Engineering Design Process with individual and group brainstorming oriented to multiple ideation styles. Through a sequence of warm ups and building games, the Tinkering Workshop facilitators get people thinking with their hands, manipulating materials, communicating their discoveries, and exploring the possibilities of different materials and construction techniques.

Each workshop is designed to spark joy-filled collaboration and new connections between teammates.

Pick Your Workshop!

Think. Make. Tinker.
Design Thinking with your hands!
This standard Tinkering Workshop teaches the skills needed to work confidently to build robust wooden structures that solve design challenges elegantly. Using small group and individual instruction, reDiscover facilitators encourage kinesthetic brainstorming, construction, evaluation, and reconstruction. The workshop starts with dynamic and brief Design Challenges using limited materials and techniques. With each activity, new materials and techniques are introduced to broaden participants’ personal mental tool kits and the possibilities for creation. This workshop has been used to help teams envision new products and roadmaps!


Life-Size Superheroes
Explore your strengths, super-sized!
A wide variety of playful materials are used in this workshop to imagine and construct life-size superheroes. Small groups begin by brainstorming on a large piece of paper what their own unique superhero stands for, what it looks like, and how it achieves its goals. Groups go on to build lumber armatures and creatively re-purpose recycled objects to construct their superhero from scratch. The workshop ends with presentations of the superheroes, where each group shares their fully-realized creation. Teams use this Superhero workshop to consider their values, explore ways to tackle issues that are important to their team, and then build something that fantastically embodies the power of a team.

Past Clients

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