Team Building Workshops

from 5 to 200 participants
1-2.5 hours
At your location in LA County
At reDiscover Center:
Add-ons include catered refreshments or meals, meeting space rental, material kits. Discounts for non-profit organizations.

At this time, we are not holding group events at our facility, facilitating at people's home or business, or providing programs that use power tools. Thank you for your understanding. 

*Do fill out the form for virtual workshops! 

At your offices, offsite, or at reDiscover Center in Venice, reDiscover's workshops provide creative companies an innovative tool for getting teams working together and thinking expansively. Using assemblage art and introductory woodworking, our approach is welcoming, environmental, and liberating. Founded and staffed by artists, designers, and makers, reDiscover teaches the Tinkering Mindset, encouraging Design Thinking, rapid prototyping, risk taking, and hands-on making.

Whether you want to add a brief hands-on brainstorming activity to a team meeting or a half-day retreat that helps employees reset and replenish their creative energies, reDiscover Center can help you craft fun, productive team experiences. Think with your hands and look at problems in new ways, all while fostering creativity and improving employee retention.

Featured Workshop: Lifesize Superheroes
Your team has secret powers. Display them as a life size superhero figurine. We provide curated industrial offcuts, recyclables, lumber, and art supplies to get your team looking at everything in a new light. Our facilitators guide your group through 2D and 3D artmaking activities that allow both the bold and the shy to express themselves, find their inner beauty, and combine their passions to create imaginative solutions to the world's biggest problems.

As a warm up activity, individuals will make Assemblage Self Portraits using reDiscover's selections 2,500 sf Upcycled Materials Warehouse, everything from 5 1/4" floppies to lamp hardware to bottle caps. Making and presenting these Self Portraits gets your team talking and laughing, seeing one another in a new light, as well as create a memorable keepsake of the workshop. Then, with some familiarity with working with upcycled materials, the team shifts into designing and building Lifesize Superheroes. Using reDiscover's fully stocked and staffed woodshop and materials library, small groups work together to amplify each team member's secret passion or ability into superhero proportions, build a lifesize wooden armature, and finish it with recycled materials to make an instant sculpture. It's a fun, funny, rapid paced process that results in some amazing art and personal insights.

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