The Tin Forest (grades K-2)

Grades K-2
Discounts available
60-90 minutes

In this program K-2 students explore the concepts of resource conservation and the power of imagination culminating in the creation of an assemblage project. An age-appropriate lesson inspired by 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward introduces an conservation-linked art activity using recycled and upcycled materials.

Students will participate in a discussion on reduce-reuse-recycle-rediscover, hear a reading of The Tin Forest, explore imaginative uses for everyday and unfamiliar upcycled materials, and create a sculpture to take home. Throughout, reDiscover facilitators teach about art concepts such as form, symmetry, pattern, balance, and biomimicry, connecting students' creative expression to other works of art and natural examples.

The core of this workshop is the exploration and artistic use of rediscovered materials. reDiscover Center curates a warehouse of upcycled materials for STEAM education. Sourced from local domestic and commercial providers, these range from familiar corks and cardboard tubes to industrial materials like plastic struts, surplus tile, and curvilinear wood offcuts. We would provide one facilitator and require a minimum of two volunteer adult assistants.

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