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tinkerer with drill
Grades 2-8 $450 per 15 students 120 minutes This 90-120 minute workshop introduces 2nd-8th graders and their teachers to the
1-10 Day Residency $1,000 per day, $250 setup fee We supply tools, materials, and expert maker-educators; you designate a space
Grade Ranges: Pre-K, 1st-5th, and 6th-8th $10-30 per child per class 60-90 minutes once a week (After school programs run
Ideal for Elementary School $750 for 2 hours; discount for repeat engagements reDiscover provides all materials and tools necessary for
Grades K-2 $350 for first 10 participants, $12 for each additional participant Discounts available 60-90 minutes In this program K-2