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Save This Place for Me

"Save This Place for Me" Nature, Art, Film, Spoken Word Project 12 week class Fall-Winter 2018
Make New Friends!
Create art that inspires others to Take Action for the Earth!
Inspire lawmakers to Protect our Air, Soil, Water, Trees and ALL Species!

Fall 2018-Winter 2019 Class - Exhibition

Save This Place for Me is a platform for youth to raise their voices and express their opinions, about the damage that is being caused every day to our environment by poor decisions of people in power. Youth will be standing up to say "Save This Place For Me". The program will entail 5 months of working with 25 young artists at the reDiscover Center, on the SoCal coastline, and in local forests and mountains.

The purpose of this project is to:
1) provide opportunity to interact with and stand up for the natural wonders we have been gifted with.
2) provide opportunity for youth to engage in individual reflective observation of nature in journals, sketchbooks, photography and video.
3) educate our community about the impacts of our consumer lifestyle and remind them that children will inherit the results of their choices.
4) pledge to protect all beings.
5) engage in individual and project based exploration of nature, its gifts and its immense power.

The resulting work will be...
1) a group video love letter to the planet, that will feature youth photography, video and spoken word inspired by discoveries and observations in nature.
2) an installation of students' artworks at the center, that will allow visitors to explore the work in meditative contemplation, add their voice to the call and pledge to protect our ecosystem.
3) an online gallery of both.

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