Samir Sanghani

Samir Sanghani grew up in Texas but has happily resided in Los Angeles since 2008, where he spends his time with his wife and active young boys, enjoying the weather, coaching kids sports teams, and rooting for the LA Rams. Samir is a financial type - currently a portfolio manager at Guggenheim Partners, and before that a founder a hedge fund and management consultant. While more comfortable using Excel than power saws, he joined reDiscover as a Board member in 2019 not long after being amazed at his son's creations at Tinkering School LA camp. Currently serving as reDiscover's Treasurer, Samir helps with number-crunching and organizational nitty-gritty so reDiscover maximize its resources and impact to as many children as possible. Samir has an MBA from MIT Sloan and a Engineering degree from Rice University.

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