Get inspired by stories of superheroes in fiction and history and make your own superhero. Thinking of superheroes you look
Mher Zorhabyan creates architectural models inspired by the skeletal structure of animals. You can do it too! Skeletons are strong
We’ve created an activity guide on prototyping transportation vessels! This project was inspired by Rosie Revere, Engineer, written by Andrea
We’ve created an activity guide on making a fun, recycled Super-Soaker to get you through the heat this summer! This
The Girl Who Thought in Pictures book next to a spinning selfie icon
We’ve created an activity guide on Spinning Selfies inspired by The Girl who Thought in Pictures: The Story of Dr.
Pedagogy Lesson Plans Tinkering Toolkit 10 lesson unit for 3rd-5th grade (curriculum) (outline) Guides Tinkering and Prototyping Materials (article)(video) Cardboard, the
reDiscover has 10+ years experience putting powerful tools in the hands of kids ages 7-12. We've tried out countless hand
reDiscover provides professional development and support to PreK-12 teachers to integrate making, tinkering, and creative reuse materials into classroom activities,
cardboard playground - greetings
At reDiscover, we use a lot of cardboard. From playgrounds built of appliance boxes to eight foot ball run tubes
reDiscover Center has been serving the California Homeschooling Community since 2016, and is an approved vendor for several Charter Schools.
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