Meet Volunteers: Alexa Jabbour & Catherine Murray

Reflections upon volunteering for reDiscover Center.

"I have learned about new uses for trash materials such as cardboard, plastic containers, and miscellaneous metal pieces. During a few sessions, kids would come to the ReDiscover center with their parents and were so excited to build artwork out of sustainable materials. This community service has taught me to look at waste materials differently in an artistic, inspiring way." - Catherine Murray, LMU student

"After completing 10 hours of service at the ReDiscover Center, I have really learned how to develop creativity through hands on activities with sustainable and reusable materials, which is stated as a part of the mission statement within this organization. The ReDiscover Center hosts several workshops for kids to come in and experiment with their creativity with the use of these sustainable materials, which I have seen first hand directly impacts them, as they are instantly filled with joy and excitement with the projects they have accomplished. They also accept several donations of reusable materials and art supplies, which they incorporate within their workshops or sell for other people to reuse. As a volunteer, I had the opportunity to not only interact with some of the kids in the workshops, but I was also able to help the staff prepare materials for events that they were hosting in various locations, such as Malibu. This organization is very special and important, as it educates you on building a sustainable lifestyle and not letting anything go to waste. I really gained more knowledge on what items should and should not be disposed of, methods of proper disposal, and the several different ways you can reuse an item to improve it in order to not be such a wasteful citizen. Educating our youth is very important in modern society because it will instill these practices into their lifestyle at a young age, which they will continue to use in their future. I am so glad I was given this opportunity for the past few weeks to learn more about what I can do to obtain a sustainable lifestyle and help the environment in any way that I can." - Alexa Jabbour, LMU student

Learning Outcomes

Commit to Service & Justice
Become a Global Citizen
Live a Life of Purpose

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