Links for Ideas and Inspiration


The Exploratorium in San Francisco is a kids’ STEAM museum with a tinkering lab tucked away inside, and they produce tons of entertaining, inspiring, educational content, like websites, activities, and even apps.


A website where anyone can post tutorials for tool tips and specific projects.

Make Magazine

Whether you have a subscription or not, there is a ton of information and project ideas to be found here.


Articles, activities, and products for expanding kids’ artistic expression.

Curiosity Machine

Tons of STEAM-related projects by Iridescent with videos and inspiration that you can do with your kids at home. There is a paid version of the site, but you can make a free account and get access to all of their material, including a lot of good information for parents.


Adafruit is primarily a shop, but they have excellent documentation for everything they sell and some really fun example projects in their Learning System.

YouTube Maker Channels


Videos from the Exploratorium.

Barb Makes Things

Barb posts videos every single week with examples of projects made with a wide variety of media, plus how tos and thoughts from her experience in maker education. All of her videos are made with her students in mind, so the channel is kid-friendly.

Jen Foxbot

Jen posts about projects that she works on, as well as quick and simple explanations of scientific concepts.

Maker Education Initiative

The official education arm of Make Media has lots of videos for educators wanting to up their skills.


I’ve mentioned their website above, but their YouTube channel has a lot of short, simple videos demonstrating projects that you can find in more detail on the website proper.

Super Awesome Sylvia

Sylvia is a girl who has done a lot of projects on her own and with her parents, who struggle along even when they don’t know exactly what they’re doing. Go parents!

Darbin Orvar

If you want inspiration for woodworking, Linn from Darbin Orvar makes tons of really high quality project videos.

Let me know if you know of any other helpful links or resources!

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