Fall 2021 Programming

Our Newest Offerings for In-Person and Online

Please note that all Fall 2021 Programs are based on the Tinkering Tool Kit or similar tools.
We look forward to using power tools again in future seasons when safety allows.

In-Person Weekly Classes

Visit reDiscover for a couple of hours once a week to make some of your favorite things! Each day’s series will have its own theme, listed below. We will be using our Tinkering Tool Kit to explore creative reuse materials and turn them into fabulous new items and solve problems. We will be using the robust individual workstations we created for summer camp, spaced and designed for physical distancing. Please note that these classes do not use power tools.Please read our In-Person COVID policies. Inquire about classes mail@rediscovercenter.org

  • $180 – $300/ 7 – 10 week series; 10 students maximum – Scholarships Available
  • $50 add-on for a Tinkering Tool Kit if you don’t have one already
  • Home School Funds Accepted
  • Ages 7-12
  • Day and After School Times Available
  • Themes:
    • Puppetry
    • Tabletop Games 
    • Costumes and WearablesInventions
    • Open Projects 

Creative Woodworking One Day Camps

Come build amazing eco-friendly creations with us! Children learn the skills they need to turn their wildest imaginings into robust items made from wood, plastic, metal, and fabric. While practicing social distancing with their own workbench and set of tools, the group will have activities that encourage socialization and cooperation while building projects on their own to a group theme. With a 5:1 camper to facilitator ratio, our workshop provides a supportive environment for personal growth through skills development and creative construction. Please read our In-Person COVID policies. Inquire about camps mail@rediscovercenter.org 

  • $120/per camper; 10 campers per room maximum – Scholarships Available
  • $50 add-on for a Tinkering Tool Kit if you don’t have one already
  • Home School Funds Accepted
  • Ages 7-12
  • 9:00 – 3:00pm
  • No Aftercare
  • No one with open toed shoes, loose hair, or loose clothing will be allowed in the workshop

Special Project Workshops

Join our Facilitators to try your hand at a variety of activities, from weaving to recycled mechanical contraptions to collage art. Great for scouts! Use commonly available tools and materials (such as scissors, tape, and cardboard) from your home, or purchase one of our Tinkering Tool Kits or Material Boxes to supplement your home workshop.


Our popular MakerChats are still available this fall, giving you a one-on-one session with our experienced Facilitators completely customized to you. These can be either one-time or recurring sessions to get some advice on your workstation and tools, or particular projects you want to make. This is a great option for when you have a making project you need to do for school and you need a hand figuring out how to proceed!

  • $20 for up to 30 min online session
  • Contact us to schedule your MakerChat
  • Ages 5+ with parent, 9+ alone

Online Homeschool Classes

For years, homeschoolers have loved Tinkering Classes at our Mar Vista location. Now we’re bringing them to the workspace in front of your video chatting device! Subjects may include Simple Machines, Marine Creatures, Stop-Motion Animation, Architecture, Biomimicry, Games, and more! If you have a group looking for a particular subject, let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate your request and/or set up a special time just for you.

Online After School Classes

Join us for an online afternoon class series that is sure to set your child’s creativity soaring. Once a week for two hours, a group of up to 6 students is guided by one of our fabulous Facilitators. But this is no sit-and-watch class, students will spend most of their time with hands on building using recycled materials. Sign up for a class through reDiscover, or have your child’s school contact us to set one up for a group from your school.

At Home Tinkering Together

By popular demand, we are continuing this summer program into the fall. Bring a week of reDiscover exploration to your home! We will provide flexible tool kits and materials, instructions for tool safety, video chat guidance for parents, and exciting activities to take both child and parent on a journey of skill building and imagination. We will give you prompts and projects to fill 2-4 hours per day (taking breaks when needed). If you want to keep going, the sky’s the limit!

Virtual Field Trips

Whether it’s a group of students tuning in from one classroom, or multiple signing in from home, we provide a fun and engaging activity that we will help your group to accomplish, using materials that you can either gather at home or that we provide for you to pick up. Choose from themes like our popular Tin Forest, Loose Parts, Parachute Pals, or let us customize an activity for you.

  • Please fill out a booking request form or contact us at 310-393-3636 to determine the right program for your group.
  • $10/student; contact us for T1 school rates.

Online Parties

Want to jazz up your birthday/gathering/bar mitzvah, while keeping people safe? Have a reDiscover party! We will host your virtual gathering, with music, fun games, and an open-ended activity based on your own interests. You can either build with commonly available tools and materials from around your home (such as scissors, tape, and cardboard), or we can provide you materials from our well-stocked warehouse to pick up and play with.

  • Please fill out a booking request form or contact us at 310-393-3636 to determine the right program for your group.