Published Sept 2015

There aren’t enough kids that play with junk anymore. It’s all iPads and video games. Years ago kids could go out into their backyards with a stick and a rock, and make a house out of the leaves from the oak tree. There used to be a kid culture of playing with scrap, and it seems like it may be dying out. However, that may not necessarily be the case yet.

Just a few blocks east of the In-N-Out on Washington Blvd., the reDiscover Center sits in a building next to a Pitfire Pizza. The reDiscover Center is one that focuses on the creative reuse of materials for art and education.

A non-profit facility and organization, one that’s been open for 11 years now, the center receives scrap metal, wood, PVC pipes, and everything in between from various recycling facilities around Los Angeles recycling centers, before using them for various “tinkering projects.”

Besides just art, some projects are donated to local schools, such as jungle gyms, all of which are made by the children with the help of adult supervision. Most projects are sent home, with bigger ones being taken apart for the materials to be reused the next week.

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