Turkey Time is upon us all! Regardless of your food preferences around Thanksgiving, a turkey centerpiece is a great, festive way to add some fun flair to your celebration. Our own holiday centerpiece was made almost entirely from wood scraps–another great tinkering project to come make at reDiscover Center.

The neck of the turkey is made from a wooden rod that used to be part of a chair. The turkey’s wings were wooden pieces all of the same size–a darker, thin wood. The turkey’s legs are made from two cylinder-shaped pieces of wood, and its feet are made from two wooden triangles (which also make a solid base for the turkey to stand up on its own). The beak is another small wood scrap, and the wattle (red part) on the turkey’s face is made out of red beads on a string. The wooden parts were all screwed together using a power drill. Come on into reDiscover during the month of November and make your very own!