Underwater Adventure

        Our 2016-2017 Winter Break Tinkering School Camps have recently wrapped up, and they went swimmingly! Pun absolutely intended, as our theme for the two full-week camps was Underwater Adventure! The first two days of our week-long camps are dedicated to tool training and smaller, introductory builds. We made fishing contraptions, PVC pipe water mazes, unique undersea animals, and an oversized (6-foot-tall) chair!         DSC00011 DSC00040 
    Wednesday we revealed our Big Build: an expedition to the ocean floor. We brainstormed what kinds of things we would need or find on a trip to the very bottom. There is a lot of the ocean that’s unexplored, so might we find new kinds of creatures? How would we get there? What would the landscape look like? Both groups decided to build a submarine, complete with controls, devices, periscopes, and furniture. One tinkerer made a volcano. Both groups made large undersea creatures, including a Sea Horse (not to be confused with a seahorse… this is a horse with fins that lives under the sea). And we had Jello-fish (jellyfish made out of recycled Jello cups) swimming through the air of our workshop.         DSC00160 DSC04684

The week immediately after Christmas was full of one-day camps. We had a few themes, but our tinkerers largely wanted to do individual builds. We saw projects such as a dog house, rat furniture, working roller skates with skateboard wheels, abstract sculptures, spaceships, and a steerable go kart!

You can see more photos from winter camps here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

We had a great time, are already having fun with one-day camps on school holidays, and are looking forward to Spring Break Camp and Summer Camps. Dates are already listed on the reDiscover website, and registration opens in a few days, so keep an eye out to reserve your spot!

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