Tool Rentals & Materials for Sale

Tool Rentals for Classroom Use
Rental Packages from $750-$2,000 per classroom per semester
or a la carte

For a day, a week, or a semester, reDiscover can rent you a classroom set of woodworking tools, including workbenches, drills, clamps, and saws. Packages can include scrap and dimensional lumber, hardware, and all the mateirals needed for a semester of Tinkering. We supply real tools selected to accommodate child-sized hands. Are you currently thinking about expanding into prototyping with wood? We have the tools and expertise that your school may not be ready to invest in permanently, giving you a great way to try out tool use in the classroom or school makerspace.

Open Ended Materials Sales
Most Materials $1 per pound
Classroom kits for specific projects $50-$100

At our Creative Reuse Materials Warehouse we have an array of donated and new materials that have been curated for maximum possibility. Come and browse the unique and familiar objects, available for deeply discounted sales to schools and artists. Preselected kits for specific projects also available for pickup or delivery*. *S&H fees may apply.