Community Workshops for Kids


Class Offerings

Tinkering School (Art & Invention)
Explore what creative things you can make all by yourself as we explore new artistic tools such as the power drill, hand saws, glue gun, and sewing machine. In this empowering workshop, kids will learn tool safety and usage in a supportive environment. Then they will come up with their own designs and build something truly huge.  This is a great workshop for learning problem solving and mechanical intuition, essentials for a future in STEM. 1.5hrs, 6 hrs, or 1 week. Ages 7+.

Quirky Classes (Making Stuff)
Be weird, be creative, make stuff.  Learn how to make all kinds of neat stuff, expand your prototyping skills, and learn a little science through fun short classes.  Topics include making working kites, candles, casting chocolates, making your own candy molds, vacuum forming, electronic pop-up books, hand sewn monsters, windchimes, modeling with sculpey, and more. 1.5-3 hrs. Ages vary by class.

  • Making Dragons
  • Building Superheroes
  • Kite Making
  • Zap Your Friends
  • Etching Metal (Cutting metal with saltwater and a way!)
  • Make a Monster (textiles workshop)
  • Casting Chocolates


Art from Found Objects
Students learn about the lifecycle of things, how to recycle and reuse materials, and then build something from our creative reuse materials as part of a fun theme.  The class reinforces art, design, and communication using the materials around you, a critical process for becoming an inventor. 1-1.5 hrs. Ages 5+.

Taking Things Apart
Learn how everyday things work through the act of taking them apart. With the help of some batteries we re-animate some motors, speakers, and other bits and pieces to see machines come back to life. We bring the tools, goggles, and safety know how. You bring the broken stuff (see our list of acceptable stuff). 3 hrs., Ages 6+.

Toaster Cannons
Rather than just taking things apart, we'll be souping them up to do even more. Come reverse engineer a toaster to shoot toast into the air, and compete for the highest launch. We cover reverse engineering and springs, then it’s on to open ended iterative design and test. The toaster is yours to keep. If there’s time, we’ll chat about heat transfer and make a printer that can print images on toast.  3 hrs. Ages 8+.

Master Classes
Learn professional art and fabrication skills from master instructors in a more in depth class.  Topics include jewelry fabrication, working with precious metal clay, woodworking for furniture, leather carving, machine sewing, designing automata, and more.  Multi-session.  Ages vary by class topic.