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The Tin Forest

In this program K-2 students explore the concepts of resource conservation and the power of imagination culminating in the creation of an assemblage project. An age-appropriate lesson inspired by “The Tin Forest” by Helen Ward introduces an conservation-linked art activity using recycled and upcycled materials. $250 for the first 10 students and $10 for each additional student. 60-90 minutes.

Tinkering School L. A. Workshop

In this program students grades 2-6 use real tools and real materials to solve real problems. Tinkering School L. A. Workshops guide participants through a design challenge, themed build, or open studio sculpture play using power tools, lumber, and upcycled materials. A 1:5 facilitator to student ratio ensures a safe workshop. $350 for the first 8 students and $25 for each additional student. 120 minutes. Maximum 15 students per session.
In 8-12 weekly sessions lasting from 60 to 90 minutes, Tinkering Workshop teaches children the skills they need to work confidently in wood to build robust structures as wild as their imaginations. Transforming a classroom or empty space into the Tinkering Workshop each week gives children the environment they need to really get into making, inventing, building, and tinkering. Playing with real construction materials and exploring their own imaginations introduces each child to the engineering design process. Tinkering Workshop makes art appealing to budding engineers and engineering interesting to the artists among us.
Tinkering Workshop in-school
afterschool 8-12 weekly sessions

A Tale of Two Islands

Students will role play the characters on two different islands and grapple with the true struggles of preservation of our environment and the pressures of progress. Working with artist Kristy Pace students will engage in respectful community dialogue and group assemblage project. 6 sequential, 50 minute classes. Number of classes can be tailored to your needs.

Artists in Schools

reDiscover can work with you to integrate visual arts into your classroom curriculum. Contact us to create a program together.

Discovery by Nature

In partnership with the Children’s Nature Institute (CNI) we offer three sequential arts lessons for 1-3 graders 
in selected schools of the Pico Union neighborhood. These free classes expand upon the themes of inquiry, conservation and respect for the environment that students encountered in the CNI program. Hands-on experience with reDiscover materials seek to unleash their imaginations and emphasize that we are all stewards of the environment. 

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