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Real Tools. Real Materials. Safe Environment.

We safely put real tools in the hands of children. Through experiential Constructionism we help the child build as large as their imaginations. We have honed our Tool Safety Protocol over the past seven years, training over 2,000 children. Utilizing a strict pedagogical approach we scale the tool use to the child. We train and support schools that are easing into providing Makerspace facilities. We can bring the tools to your school, or you can bring the students to us. Real tools and materials, like drills, clamps, hand saws, jig saws, lumber, screws and loads of open ended upcycled materials are provided.

Tinkering is a playful way to approach and solve problems through doing, failing, experimentation, discovery and re ection. Making is a constructive act. Tinkering combines the creativity of sculpture and the rigor of engineering, while meeting the child where they are most interested, in the physical world.

Pop-Up Makerspace: Tinkering in a Box
We bring a Tinkering Facilitator, tools and materials directly to your school or program. You designate a space and we “kit
it out”. Each day, cycle through multiple classes for tool training, or have one class go in-depth with woodworking and Tinkering. A typical full day workshop introduces children to clamps, drills and saws, combining safety instruction, design challenges and facilitated open Tinkering.

Tool Safety Professional Development
We give teachers and administrators the con dence to safely bring real tools into the classroom or makerspace. We help teachers with different skill levels become comfortable with a common toolset. Learn how to promote a culture of tool safety that becomes your classroom’s norm. We can also train apprehensive administrators so they can be more con dent their institutions’ interests and liabilities are considered. We specialize in training teachers of 2nd grade through 6th but our methods easily translate to middle and high school.

Curriculum and Makerspace Design Consulting
Go beyond tape and hot glue. Is there a science project like a chain reaction machine you want to attempt? Or did you always wish that the California 4th Grade Mission Project could spawn a future architect? Why can’t a student build a trebuchet for a History class? Tinkering is an antidote to a dry curriculum. We can work with your staff to integrate Tinkering into the mix.

We can help you plan the building of a brand new space or future growth. Ideally Makerspaces evolve to fit the projects our students aspire to. We are constantly adapting spaces, tools and expertise to fit the current need. Our professional Tinkerers will assess your needs and help you bring it to the next level.

“The Tin Forest” Art Program
In this program K-2 students explore the concepts of resource conservation and the power of imagination culminating in the creation of an assemblage project. An age-appropriate lesson inspired by “The Tin Forest” by Helen Ward introduces an conservation-linked art activity using recycled and upcycled materials. 60-90 minutes.

Cardboard Playground
reDiscover provides all materials and tools necessary for children to create large and small structures, sculptures, inventions, and other explorations of hands-on materials. Our materials include cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, bamboo, fabric, mylar, rope, inner tubes, and lumber. Inspirational and safety guidelines posters define a temporary space and establish habits of cooperative play. Great for recess enrichment, fundraisers, and special events.

After School Programs
After school enrichment, typically 60-90 minutes once a week, provides engaging tinkering activities for PreK-K and 1st-5th students. reDiscover can pack in and pack out selected tools and materials to provide a sequence of guided activities working in a variety of natural and manufactured materials. After school programs run for 8-12 weeks, to match your existing after school program.

Field Trips to reDiscover’s 2,000 sf Kids Makerspace
Most reDiscover Center programs can be turned into Field Trips, including professional development workshops, tool training classes, and kids tinkering programs. Our two rooms of makerspace facilities can accommodate up to 50 tinkerers.

Tool Rentals for Classroom Use
We stock real tools selected to accommodate child-sized hands. For a day, a week, or a semester, reDiscover can rent you a class- room set of drills, clamps, saws plus include the materials for a semester of Tinkering. We provide the tools and expertise that your school may not be ready to invest in. Are you currently thinking about expanding into prototyping with wood? Tinkering is best when everyone has access to the tools they need, when they need them.

Open Ended Materials Sales
At our Creative Reuse Materials Warehouse we have an array of donated and new materials that have been curated for maximum interest. Come and browse the unique and familiar objects, all for sale by the pound. Preselected kits for specific projects also available for pickup or delivery.

Pop-Up Makerspace- $1250 per day, discounts available for multiday residencies

Tool Safety Professional Development- $400 for a 2 hour hands-on safety training or $1000 for a full day workshop including teaching techniques for establishing classroom safety procedures

Curriculum and Makerspace Design Consulting- $90/hour

Tin Forest Art Program- $250 for the first 10 students and $10 for each additional student

Cardboard Playground – one time $750 for 2 hours or $350-500 for repeat engagements

After School Programs- $10-25/child/class

Field Trips- $350/class and up

Tools Rental- a la carte or packages from $750-2000/ classroom per semester

Materials Sales- most materials $1/pound, classroom kits for speci c projects $50-150

Please fill out a booking request form or contact us at 310-393-3636 to determine the right program for your class.