Materials Warehouse

Materials Warehouse

Our Materials Warehouse is open for donations and purchases during every day! Most of the materials are available to buy for $1/pound or less (excludes tools, large lumber, and items Priced as Marked).  Explore our 2,000 square feet of jam packed space to buy salvaged and upcycled materials for your art, crafting, and making projects. All materials have been diverted from the trash stream and donated to reDiscover, so we can provide them to artists, educators, and the public at rock bottom prices. Sustainability is awesome!

Materials are constantly turning over, but often include: new copy paper, feathers, felt, pipe cleaners, dowels, stickers, jewels, working markers, crayons, foam, thread, sticks, discs, plastic coins, duct tape, pom poms, yarn, rope, corks, skewers, cardboard tubes, lids, trays, boxes, CDs, paperboard boxes, diskettes,  PVC pipe, game pieces, locking boxes, cardboard, blank books, office organizers, fan blades, screws, shipping tubes, fabric samples, wood, trophy figurines, mylar sheets, springs, tennis balls, rings, wire, pumps, end caps, wire spools, and much, much more.

Domestic Donations

Drop off during open hours. Donated materials not on our Accepted Materials list may be discarded. Materials with food residue or other chemicals will be not accepted.

Accepted Materials:

lumber (no paint or varnish), bamboo, PVC pipe, rope, casters, pulleys, hooks, wood screws, corks, bottle caps, lids, cardboard tubes, keys, coins, #6 plastic, berry baskets, reusable shopping bags, pipe cleaners, fake flowers, wire, buttons, wooden toys of any kind, balls of any size or material, tape, glue, hot glue sticks, paper clips, rubber bands, crayons and working markers. 

Commercial Donations

Local manufacturers, including artists and craftspeople, can donate clean, safe manufacturing scrap, usually in the range of 10-250 lbs/2-30 cu. ft. per donation.

rDC staff are available to evaluate your business’s waste products for safety and suitability for reDiscover’s Upcycled Materials Warehouse.

Subject to volunteer time and transportation availability, rDC can pick up materials donations from commercial partners. Donation receipts available.

Past materials include: boxes, wood samples o-rings, springs, plastic jars, leather scraps, mylar film, thread spools, etc.

Tools Donations

reDiscover enthusiastically accepts most art, craft, and woodworking hand and power tools in good working condition. Tools are used in reDiscover programs, distributed to partner organizations, and sold to support our scholarship programs.

Contact or call 310-393-3636 to arrange for a materials donation.