GLOWmasphere is an immersive eco-art experience integrating cast-off objects from the reDiscover warehouse diverted from landfill, percussion, movement and community interaction to engage heart and soul. Located just off Ocean Front Walk south of the Pier a luminescent 36’ geodesic dome entices you closer. Small groups are welcomed into the dome for a guided sound and movement experience. Shadow Projection artists collage reDiscover materials onto opaque projectors casting images and patterns for Glow visitors outside and inside the dome to enjoy. Each ten minute session is unique and generates an ever changing set of images on the dome. Conceived by community artist Marni Gittleman and realized together by artist team Leslie K. Gray and Mary Beth Trautwein, Director of the reDiscover Center.

Thank you to our supporters:

Luminous Sponsors: The City of Santa Monica, Robert and Stephanie Gittleman
Shining Sponsor: Robert Berglass

Thank you to all the artists involved with the project:


George Abe
Daniel Corral
Chazz Ross
Joseph “Sloe” Slawinski

Artists and Volunteers

Julie Asato
Kerri Blackstone
John Burton
Maureen Britt
Logan Cantrell
Juanita Chase
Jolie Chitwood
Susan Chiu
Micaela Cordoba
Carla Corona
Carla Fantozzi
Milo Borsuk-Freeman
Franny Freeman
Emi Gittleman
Robert Gittleman
Stephanie Gittleman
Gabby Griego
Jean-Guerly Petion
Josh Lamont
Traci Lazarowitz
Adrian Rose Leonard
Christina Leyva
Birdie Mendoza
Olivia Mugalian
Omar Novelo
Matt Ochoa
Isha Ojha
Julianna Ostrovsky
Abigaille Ozrey
Emily Ozrey
Kristy Pace
Christine Papalexis
Faith Purvey
Lily Ramirez
Diane Seigel
Zelda Sherwood
Aspen Smith
Claudia Sobral
Mollie Thomas
Edie Trautwein
Paul Trautwein
Rosalie Tucker
Damon Turner
Felix Valazquez
Greg Veneklasen
Carla Vidor
Stroller White
Belize Wilheim
Lino Wiehen
Kevin Woods[/col]