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Registration for Summer 2014 Tinkering School/Camp is now open.


$425/session for Tinkerers (7-11 year olds)

$200 for Counselors in Training (14-15 year olds)


[Refund Policy - 50% back before April 30,2014; 10% back before May 31, 2014]

Tinkering School/reDiscover Center will provide an environment where children explore hands-on, open-ended problems as catalysts for patient problem solving, adventure and self-directed learning. A 4:1 tinker to adult ratio supports the Tinkering School campers to build projects in a safe environment.

Using real tools and real materials to solve real problems children experience a unique atmosphere of trust and responsibility. A failure-positive atmosphere puts focus on the process over the end product and encourages children to try new ideas, find inspiration in setbacks and play in the face of adversity.

reDiscover Center’s director spent a week in February 2011 at Gever Tulley‘s home to experience and co-create a model for Tinkering Schools throughout the U.S. At the reDiscover Center we are pleased to have the expertise of local artists/teachers each week with trained assistants and visiting specialists.