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  • Adult Programs
  • Adult Programs
  • Adult Programs
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Adult Workshops

Interested in creating upcycled art and/or tinkering! We provide adult art and tinkering classes. Find out more by filling out our booking request or contacting us at mail@rediscovercenter.org.

Every Other Wednesday Night we have Free Adult Tinkering Workshops from 7pm – 10pm.

Adult Tinkering Workshops will run again starting September 2017!

Corporate Retreats

$500 for up to 20 participants
90-180 minutes

Choose reDiscover Center for your next corporate retreat! reDiscover activities, facilitated by our artist educators, get your team thinking creatively and working together. Using our imagination-expanding set of upcycled materials breaks down barriers, inspires brainstorming, facilitates flow, and inspires confidence. Teams complete the workshop with a keepsake such as an artistically rendered 3D emblem of your logo or other design. reDiscover Corporate Workshops are available at reDiscover as a retreat or at your offices.

Educator Workshops

Find out more on our Educator Workshops page