Published Sept 2014

The “maker” movement, a DIY wave that has swept the country, has plenty to offer kids and families. If your child loves to make art, repurpose used materials into new inventions, design robots, or build giant structures for the sole purpose of knocking them back down, here are some options that are sure to challenge and delight.

Accessible via an alley, Rediscover Center’s (12958 Washington Ave., L.A.; 310-393-3636; warehouse has the cool feel of a secret club. And it really is something special. Kids build, craft and create with supplies from an always-changing selection of donated and reused materials, limited only by their imaginations. Hand tools and hot-glue guns are available, and facilitators are on hand to assist when needed. The warehouse is open from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. every Saturday {now weekdays 3pm – 6pm & weekends 11am – 5pm}. Admission is free, and visitors pay $7 for each project they take home. Camps and workshops are also offered.

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