40 hours/week
10 federal holidays plus 10 days/year PTO, rising to 15 days/year after 2 years
Work schedule to include one weekend day per week

Programs Manager Job Description

The Programs Manager works with the Programs Team to deliver reDiscover Center’s educational programs. Regular teaching duties in hands-on STEAM education using recycled materials are balanced by managerial responsibilities in one or more areas including: staff coordination, materials management, facilities management, IT, school recruitment and coordination, family client relations, marketing, volunteer coordination, merchandise sales, camp preparation, and community outreach programs. The Programs Manager works closely with reDiscover’s Operations Director and Executive Director to train and support part time and seasonal Facilitators to provide the best, most educational, safe, and enjoyable experience possible to each of our students and clients. The Programs Manager gives regular feedback to the Leadership Team to improve reDiscover’s ability to deliver financially sustainable, innovative, equitable, effective programs that build internal capacity while serving youth and educators. 

Program Manager Duties:

  • Facilitate reDiscover’s programs 2-3 days per week, including classes, camps, workshops, teacher professional development, and community outreach, at reDiscover Center in Mar Vista and nearby schools and community sites.
  • Understand and follow reDiscover’s protocols on educational pedagogy, safety, and content.
  • Contribute to ongoing improvements to reDiscover’s protocols.
  • Develop lesson plans, activity guides, videos, and similar documents for internal use and publication.
  • Train and support Facilitators to deliver programs. 
  • Monitor ongoing work efforts and coach Facilitators and peers towards improvements.
  • Maintain operational systems to provide excellent facilitation of all of reDiscover’s educational programs, including camps, after school programs, and classes at reDiscover Center and offsite. 
  • Sub for Facilitators as needed.
  • Collect feedback from staff and clients to give to the Leadership Team towards system and program improvements.
  • Maintain tools, equipment, facilities, and materials. 
  • Contribute to seasonal and long range planning.

Managerial Areas (each Program Manager has responsibility for one Managerial Area and may request additional Managerial Areas):

    • Staff Coordination, including translating programs schedule into a schedule of prep and teaching shifts, scheduling, tracking availability and training status.
    • Materials management, including soliciting and processing materials donations, maintaining and tracking stock in the warehouse, and preparing materials for programs.
    • Facilities management, including maintenance of reDiscover’s facilities, managing cleaning schedules, making minor repairs and coordinating major repairs and upgrades.
    • Information technology, including maintaining and upgrading existing systems and services, coordinating user access, supporting staff members’ use of IT, and acquiring, tracking, and maintaining IT hardware.
    • School recruitment and coordination, including proactively communicating with new and existing school clients, building supportive relationships with multiple stakeholders within school clients, coordinating logistical details for delivering services through client schools.
    • Family client relations, communicate with family clients, including for camps, birthday parties, and workshops, to provide services, offer radical welcome, and recruit new clients.
    • Volunteer coordination, recruit, schedule, and sustain volunteers to assist in reDiscover programs.
    • Merchandise sales, create and maintain online and in person sales venues that maximize income via the sale of creative reuse materials and other merchandise. 
    • Camp preparation, coordinate preparations for the summer camp season at multiple locations, including seasonal staff recruitment and training, facilities, materials and equipment.
    • Community outreach programs, coordinate with outreach program partners and venues to confirm upcoming community events, customize programs and activities to match community needs, and lead community outreach programs.
    • Communications, produce print and electronic communications, including flyers, postcards, newsletter, webpages, and social media, coordinate with communications leads at partner organizations to provide accurate program information. 

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Experience teaching STEAM education programs to youth ages 3-14.
  • Hands-on crafting and making skills.
  • Excellent independence and time management skills.
  • Experience participating in strategic planning and organizational management.
  • Capacity to gain new skills.
  • Experience supervising productive work teams of teachers and/or facilitators.
  • Must possess valid CA Driver’s License, current TB test (negative) and LiveScan background check showing eligibility to work with children.
  • Must be able to transport four 20 gallon totes to offsite locations.
  • Ability to lift 40 lbs.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Art based skills, tool knowledge, and non-digital makerspace experience.
  • Experience working with CA curriculum standards, particularly VAPA and NGSS.
  • Facility with digital document creation, including text, photo, video, and social media.
  • Knowledge of non-profit accounting, fundraising strategies, and program development.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish.

Reports to:

Executive Director

Direct reports:

Supervises Facilitators and Volunteers

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to hr@rediscovercenter.org.

If you think you could excel in this position but do not meet all of the qualifications, we encourage you to apply. reDiscover Center is an equal opportunity employer (EOE) and dedicated to reflecting the communities we serve. reDiscover Center works to meet our commitment to diversity and to build an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and ages. We especially encourage members of historically underrepresented communities to apply for this position, including women, people of color, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities.