Staff & Board of Directors



Jonathan Markowitz Bijur, Executive Director
Amy Bauer, Director of Operations
Barb Noren, Director of Programs

Program Facilitators

Molly Allis
Sam Balfus
Claudia Borgna
Caitlin Dobbin
Jenna Ervin, Pali Lead Facilitator
Isai German
Orr Herz
Janean Hinrichs
Gilon Kaner
Aaron Kramer

Jacqueline Levine
Cybele Lyle
Anne MacLeod
Lalo Marquez
Evelyn Neusom
Christina Nishimuta
Juliana Ostrovsky
Kristy Pace
Nico Palermo
Dee Perez

Karl Petion
Aric Quan
Emma Ramey
Liz Reyes
Ken Rogers
Andre Shakhbandaryan
Margaret Starbuck
Joyce Tam
Edie Trautwein
Frank Wuts

Intern Facilitators

Jared Bishop
Rayph Cosford
Eliana Ramirez
Juliette Schmidli
Nathan Smeltzer
Yiyi Long

Board of Directors

Pantea Shakib
Pantea Shakib
Pantea is a passionate mom to three boys. The founder of Ask Panta, a strategic consultancy, she draws on 20
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Farrah Dodes
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Mari Brusseau
Mari Brusseau
Board Secretary
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Kim Ayres
Kim Ayers
Kim has been a lifelong crafter, and being a direct descendant of the inventor of the spring balance which revolutionized
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Lynne B. Clark
Lynne B. Clark
Board Member Lynne B. Clark has been working in Los Angeles? non-profit sector for nearly three decades. Following her tenure
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Simon Huss
Born in the midwest, Simon escaped to Los Angeles to work as a fuel cell engineer for Honeywell several years
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Aaron Kramer
Aaron Kramer
Board Member Aaron has been actively involved with reDiscover since 2009 and joined the board in 2015. He has had
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Mary Beth Trautwein
Director Emerita and Board Member Co-founder and former Executive Director of the reDiscover Center, Mary Beth Trautwein brings problem solving
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John Umekubo
Board Member John Umekubo is the Director of Social Entrepreneurship at Westside Neighborhood School in Los Angeles, and a consultant
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Jonathan Markowitz Bijur
Jonathan Markowitz Bijur
Jonathan Markowitz Bijur has been a volunteer, artist, and instructor at reDiscover since 2010, served as board secretary 2013-2014, and
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