What Teachers are saying about reDiscover Center:

“I am writing to tell you about a fantastic lesson Mary Beth Trautwein from the reDiscover Center taught in my classroom today. She brought a vertical wind tunnel made with a fan and a large plastic tube. She also brought various materials that were discarded from businesses. She showed how the wind tunnel works, then challenged the students to create something that would stay suspended in it. The children were enthralled and entertained with this engineering experiment. They could not wait to try out their creations to see if they met the challenge. The success of the lesson was evident as the students discussed which designs worked and their theories why.”   

Melissa Herman, TK teacher, McKinley Elementary School SMMUSD


“You bring incredible talent, organization, resources and heart to our partnership. We look forward to continued collaboration and learning together.”

Jessica Rishe, Principal, Santa Monica Alternative School House, SMMUSD


“This program (Two Islands) brought problem-solving skills, communication and consensus building to the classroom along with allowing leadership and cooperative skills to blossom.”

Coleen Kita, 2/3rd grade teacher, Linwood E. Howe Elementary School, CCUSD


“Thank you so very much for taking the time to work with my students on Friday. Your lesson tied into what we had been discovering with positive and negative space, as well as adding in three dimensionality and local artists exploring these concepts of space using found materials. Well done! The students were engaged and inspired, and also received some much needed practice using real adjectives. You got them talking and working with focus. We would love to have you back again.”

Diana Sieradski, 5th grade teacher, Frank del Olmo Elementary School LAUSD


“My son is 7 years old. reDiscover came to his public school to work with his class on building using recycled materials. He came home excited and couldn’t stop talking about the experience. He’s usually not one to tell you much about his day at school, so I knew this was something unique.”  

Parent Sharon Vidal  


“I just wanted to thank you for allowing The reDiscover Center to come to my classroom and help me reinforce lessons for my first graders on how recycling helps us and our community as well as enrich our lives by allowing us to use it to creating art.  ReDiscover has come a long way. The lesson done in my classroom today, Monday the 24 of January, was excellent.  It hit California Social Studies standards, art, and math.  The students discussed why shelter was an essential need for humans and created a list of needs as opposed to wants.  The they talked about how many of our wants create unnecessary things that eventually are thrown away and how recycling can benefit us all now and in the future.  Mary Beth Trautwein and Kristy Pace really have made this program a must for us.  Thank you again.”

Mayra Herrera, 1st grade teacher,Will Rogers Elementary School, SMMUSD


“My first grade classroom participated in the reDiscover program in the spring. The program was a excellent way to reinforce the social studies, math skills, and environmental studies. My students built a large model community in which they opened a toy store featuring the toys they created when they participated in the reDiscover program. My students worked in small collaborative groups and built a toy for the toy store out of discarded materials. The next day, students priced their toys and placed price tags on them. They following day, the toy store was open for business during our math block. Students used school money to purchase items. Needless to say, the store was a success and students were ecstatic about making toys out of recyclable materials!

My Summer Adventure K/1 class also participated in the reDiscover program this past summer. My students were able to reinforce literacy and science skills and environmental studies. We did a character study of Rainbow Fish through several books. Students also learned the parts of a fish. Students created a rainbow fish out of discarded materials with easy to follow step by step directions. It was easy for my students to create it since the instructor provided directions that reinforced the vocabulary learned (i.e. fins, tail, etc.) in previous lessons.

The program is phenomenal and I greatly look forward to participating again this year.”

Lova Hyatt, K/1 teacher, Will Rogers Elementary School, SMMUSD


“Thanks again for such a wonderful trip! Kristy did a great job with the kids. It’s always refreshing to go on a field trip where the people we are talking to and dealing with actually seem to understand children and speak to them appropriately for their age.  We go to a lot of places where the people are very knowledgeable, but don’t know how to explain it in a way that children will get. Kristy was energetic and fun and kept the kids engaged the whole time. They had a great time!”

Teresa Five, Temple Akiba