Founded in 2003, reDiscover is the outgrowth of a collaboration between a diverse group of education-focused agencies and individuals in the Santa Monica and Venice area, including the directors of four early childhood education centers, and a multi-school consortium of 25 parents and teachers. Ms. Trautwein, former Director, was among the founders and has worked to fund and expand this original vision to serve the community.

reDiscover serves Los Angeles area youth through arts-integrated education programs that promote creative problem solving and environmental awareness using recycled cast-off materials repurposed into learning tools. We serve youth ages 2-18 with school programs (field trips to our community resource center and in-school residencies), drop-in workshops and day camps, and free community events. reDiscover’s school programs support State Teaching Standards and are positioned to promote increased environmental literacy as part of the new California Education and Environment Initiative for K-12 students.

reDiscover serves adults through educators’ workshops, Open Studio, exhibitions, outreach to civic organizations. Southern California educators from schools and cultural institutions such as the Skirball Cultural Center and the Architecture and Design Museum use our materials and training.

reDiscover also serves the community through artistic projects and community outreach– inspiring change through art. In 2008 and 2013 we participated in GLOW Santa Monica, reaching over 350,000 festival-goers. In 2010 we participated in the San Jose Zero1 festival produced by the City of San Jose. Through volunteer power we created a 5 hour installation, Camera Projecta, at the Absolute Zero Street Fair. Our exhibitions at the Center have included artists, Julie Kornblum, Aaron Kramer, Julianna Ostrovsky, Cassandra Tondro, Ursula Kamer Fox and Marina Deb Ris have exhibited at the Center and participated in “Meet the Artist” events. We have also exhibited the work of local elementary school classes. Keeping with our mission we seek to engage participants as makers, not solely as observers.