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We are always looking for talented, hands-on and passionate individuals to join our team.


  • As Lead Facilitator, you will develop and lead STEAM educational programming using hands-on tools and materials for children ages 5-12. You launch off of existing reDiscover Center curriculum and collaborate with enthusiastic faculty at our host schools to independently facilitate in-school makerspace programming four days a week during the school year. You will teach in reDiscover’s Tinkering School LA camp, facilitate after school programs, document work for social media and publication, and develop new programs in collaboration with other reDiscover staff. You will be trained in reDiscover’s programs in crafting, woodworking, engineering, and sculpture, drawing on the organization’s 15 years experience facilitating assemblage art, mechanical sculpture, biomimicry engineering, architectural model making, and catapults, among other topics. You will be part of a kind and collaborative team that teaches 10,000 children a year to work at scales from wire bending and buttons to construction with full sheets of plywood and dimensional lumber.


    Full time non-exempt

    40 hours/week

    2 weeks paid vacation/year, 10 federal holidays, 5 personal/sick days

    Gold level health insurance, 100% for employee, 0% for dependents

    3% match SIMPLE IRA retirement savings starting 1/1/19

    Work schedule to include at least one week during the winter holidays

    Salary range: $48-55,000


    About reDiscover Center:

    reDiscover Center develops children’s creativity through hands-on making with sustainable materials. We believe making and tinkering with real materials are fundamental experiences all children should have for their own personal development and to connect them with the community and the environment.


    Founded in 2004, reDiscover Center works with local businesses and households to divert materials from the trash stream and use them in art, environmental education, and tinkering programs. With “rediscovered” materials at the core of its programs, reDiscover offers STEAM education programs that incorporate play, exploration, and child-centered project-based learning. Our programs include teacher professional development, classroom activities, makerspace consulting, Tinkering School LA camps, after school activities, festival activities, and workshops to children ages 3-18 and adults. We give children power tools, empower them to make, and support them to tinker with their projects towards gaining deep understanding of the topics at hand. reDiscover works with community partners, notably schools, libraries, and non-profits throughout the Los Angeles area to provide educational programs in art, sustainability, and tinkering to over 10,000 children per year.


    Lead Facilitator Job Duties:

    • Plan, prep, and lead educational STEAM programs, including Tinker Lab programming, after school programs, Tinkering School LA day camps, and occasional programs at reDiscover Center and offsite.
    • Document programs and conduct evaluations of program quality and impact.
    • Develop curricula, lesson plans, activity guides, and similar documents for internal use and publication.
    • Source, build, and maintain furniture, tools, equipment, and materials for Tinker Labs.
    • Represent reDiscover in professional and public maker/tinkerer communities; present reDiscover’s program offerings to schools, community organizations, and individual clients.
    • Research regional and national trends and best practices in STEAM education, sustainability education, and makerspaces.
    • Contribute to special projects and ad hoc working groups at reDiscover and offsite.


    Schedule of Program Delivery:

    • 32 weeks of offsite school day Tinker Lab facilitation at a Westside school: 14 teaching hours/week, 4 days a week on site.
    • 20 weeks/year, 2 days a week after school classes on Westside.
    • 11 weeks/year day camp facilitation: 1 winter break week, 1-2 spring break weeks, and 8-9 summer weeks.
    • Occasionally assist with major events and substitute coverage as available.



    • Excellent independence and time management skills.
    • Experience teaching STEAM education programs to youth ages 5-12.
    • Manual skills in areas such as crafting, cardboard prototyping, basic woodworking, and assemblage sculpture.
    • Familiarity with the engineering design process and Next Generation Science Standards.
    • Ability to make cross-curricular connections at the elementary school level that integrate art/engineering/tinkering/making with projects in various academic disciplines.
    • Facility with digital document creation, including text, photo, video, and social media.
    • Ability to write and edit publishable copy.
    • Experience on work teams that include teachers and/or facilitators.
    • Must possess valid CA Driver’s License.
    • Ability to lift 25 lbs.
    • Employment will be contingent on completion of a TB test and LiveScan background check showing eligibility to work with children.


    To Apply:

    Address a resume/CV and cover letter to Jonathan Bijur, Executive Director, and email to by July 20, 2018. Target start date is September 1, or earlier.

  • reDiscover Center seeks a friendly, dynamic artist/tinkerer/educator to facilitate Tinkering Club after school programs for children ages 7-12 at our Venice location. reDiscover provides facilitated tinkering and creative reuse art activities using our curated recycled materials, from scrap mylar to full sheets of plywood. As an After School/Weekend Facilitator, you will maintain a safe tinkering environment, provide support to participating children, be the public face of reDiscover to visiting families, and be a part of reDiscover’s general operations.

    If you are good with tools and

    Good with kids and

    Punctual, independent, and responsible

    Contact with a resume and brief note explaining your interest.

    Shifts available Monday - Friday 2:30-6:30 PM, Saturday and Sunday 10:30 AM-5:30 PM


    Duties include:

    • Facilitate artmaking and tinkering for children ages 7-12 and their families using creative reuse materials.
    • Represent reDiscover Center to the public following reDiscover’s procedures and protocols with politeness, friendliness, and excellence.
    • Organize creative reuse materials - includes restocking, sorting, cleaning, and weeding.
    • Demonstrate safe and proper tool use, from scissors to band saw.
    • Assess participants’ capacity for safe tool use through one-on-one tutorial and train participants in safe tool use.
    • Greet visitors - explain reDiscover programs. Sell memberships. Advertise upcoming reDiscover programs including Tinkering School and festivals.
    • Maintain reDiscover workshops, following daily and periodic cleaning and maintenance schedules.
    • Orient and supervise volunteers.
    • Must be able to lift 25 pounds.
  • reDiscover Center provides tools-intensive after school and enrichment programs for elementary school-age children in Culver City and across Los Angeles. Our facilitators are artists, makers, engineers, and teachers who love helping children to tinker and grow. We are expanding in the Manhattan Beach area and hiring an After School Facilitator to provide after school classes at selected school sites. This position is approximately 18 hours/week, four afternoons in Manhattan Beach and one afternoon in Mar Vista.

    The successful candidate will be:

    Good with kids. You can hold an audience of 8 year olds, patiently teach one-on-one, have eyes in the back of your head, learn a classroom full of names overnight, keep the necessary distance to command respect, crack a joke, take a joke, ensure safety by tracking each child’s capacity, patience, and mood.

    Good with tools. You know your way around a wood shop, can screw together two pieces of wood, know which side of a mark to cut, troubleshoot a rickety joint, sketch a rough diagram.

    Responsible. You show up on time or early, get the paperwork done without fuss, take notes, call for backup when you need it, support colleagues and volunteers, acknowledge and learn from mistakes, care for the organization as a whole.

    Creative. You have or can develop a personal tool kit of cool projects to build that appeal to tinkering-oriented children, solve interpersonal, mechanical, and design problems on the fly, are open to reDiscover Center’s failure-positive child-led construction philosophy.

    Available. Tinkering Workshop runs M-F for nine weeks starting in late September in Manhattan Beach. Training will take place in Culver City and/or Santa Monica at our mutual convenience. Following training, you will be eligible to pick up additional shifts at reDiscover Center in Culver City and offsite programs across the Westside, including after school, weekends, vacation camps, and occasional school day programs. You will provide your own transportation and be able to transport up to 5 boxes of supplies, lifting up to 30 lbs.

    Willing to take our money. You accept an hourly wage in the range of $15-22/hour, commensurate with experience.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

  • reDiscover Center seeks friendly, dynamic parents, community supporters, and artists/tinkerers/educators to volunteer to help facilitate Tinkering Club after school programs for children ages 7-12 at our Venice location. reDiscover provides lightly facilitated tinkering and creative reuse art activities using our curated recycled materials. As a Volunteer After School Facilitator, you will help maintain a safe tinkering environment and provide support to participating children.

    If you are good with tools and

    Good with kids and

    Punctual, independent, and responsible


    Shifts available Monday - Friday 3:00-6:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 11:00 AM-5:30 PM (any two, four or six hour shift)

    Start immediately.

  • Volunteers are an important part of day-to-day operations at the reDiscover Center. Volunteers work with the materials in our warehouse, assist in educational and outreach programs, coordinate materials donations and pick-ups, and help with general operations. Whether you have an afternoon free or are looking for a long-term volunteering commitment, we want to hear from you.Contact

  • Are you a student looking to find meaningful experience in an arts, environment, and education oriented nonprofit? reDiscover has academic year and summer internship opportunities for school credit/work study. Interns work with reDiscover staff to craft achievable intern-centered projects, contribute to ongoing operations and programs, and gain exposure to all aspects of nonprofit management. We are especially interested in students majoring in Art, Education, Marketing/Communications, and Environmental Studies/Sustainability. To apply, email us a brief cover letter and a copy of your resume.