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Tinkering School LA Summer Camp Registration Open

Tinkering School LA Summer Camp registration is Open! Weekly sessions from June 10 - August 16 for a vacationtastic summer  of tools, techniques, and Big Build. Camps for 5-7 and 7-12 year olds plus Masters and Counselor in Training for teens!! 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Register Now for Tinkering Club Classes!

Starting April 22! Monday classes introduce students to concepts in tinkering, skills training in woodworking and assemblage, and facilitation to create unique projects. Using reDiscover's fully stocked workshop and the engineering design process, students will learn how to safely use woodworking tools and apply those skills to art, engineering, and tinkering prompts. *Prerequisite Tool Training Class.

2019 Day Camp at reDiscover Center

One Day Camp on May 27!
Ages 7-12
The day progresses through exciting rapid design challenges and brainstorming methods to get participants ready for a big afternoon project of their own creation.


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What We Do

We have a huge pile of junk and we know what to do with it. Tinkerers in our programs make everything from wood scrap sculptures to life size super heroes, working go carts, and 25 foot roller coasters. Since 2003, reDiscover Center has worked with local businesses to divert scrap, overstock, and other materials from the trash stream and use them in art, environmental education, and tinkering programs.

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Jonathan Markowitz Bijur, Executive Director
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Amy Bauer, Director of Operations
Barb Noren, Director of Programs